Al Aktham Restaurant

Al Aktham Restaurant caters to a variety of global cuisine ranging from Sumptuous Arabic dishes, Well Crafted Continental fare, Exotic Chinese preparations and Traditional Indian flavours. For over two decades, Al Aktham have worked tirelessly to create a mouth watering array of more than 300 exquisite dishes to cater to the taste of the entire family.

With a vibrant and homely atmosphere, it is no surprise that Al Aktham with a seating capacity to accommodate 150 persons is easily the favourite choice to host a family outing, an important social event, a corporate get together or simply to taste good food. Located centrally with a 2 minute drive from Al Khuwair roundabout, the Al Aktham ambience provides a pleasant dining experience with separate cubicles, large private dining spaces or easy seating lounges.

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Contact Details :

P O Box 569, PC 111,
Sultanate of Oman.
Phone: +968 24489292, +968 24489292 / 24479762

Contact Person:

Mr. Abdul Aziz Zainuddin
Managing Partner